Campaign cracks down on illegal prospecting

Campaign cracks down on illegal prospecting

There’s nothing new about state and federal laws restricting the ability of recreational cannabis growers and sellers to find new buyers and to ensure they have adequate supplies of pesticides, fertilizers and insurance if something goes wrong. However, after recent revelations, California lawmakers are hoping to take th바카라e situation further, proposing to give the Department of Food and Agriculture, which administers some of the state’s most important pesticides, authority over pesticides and even some카지노 사이트 of the seeds.

Proponents of the bill, from all political parties, have accused regulators of not doing enough to crack down on “commercial” growers, while opponents have criticized regulators for lacking enforcement powers and giving “commercial” growers too much flexibility to try to increase yields without paying for them. The proposed rule would “provide for the expedi바카라사이트tious, safe, regulated and monitored process of commercial growing of marijuana plants, while maintaining current and future environmental control programs,” which will mean “that these growers would have the option to operate the growing operation for any time of the year in the absence of state government oversight.”

While the bill has not been passed yet, California has become a leading exponent of “green jobs” projects to generate employment. The industry employs more than 150,000 people, and about 40 percent of them are from outside of California.

Some opponents, particularly the California Nurses Association, worry that the rule could give growers and sellers a new incentive to try to sell their crop at artificially low prices. But other advocates, as well as several scientists and growers interviewed by Motherboard, say the new regulation will result in a fairer distribution of the state’s resources – rather than a giveaway to “susceptible” businesses such as recreational growers, who may be struggling to get by on less.

“You would be able to get a whole lot more bang for your buck if we can have some certainty that these growers are not engaging in illegal activity,” said Eric Pern, one of California’s top cannabis seed breeders, who said he sees no reason to create the regulatory structure the bill proposes. “I do know that there are growers out there that may very well do what they’re doing out of desperation and greed, because it’s just so frustrating.”