Bickham el-Balki (Iraq), said: “We were there when Saddam invaded Kuwait in 1990

Bickham el-Balki (Iraq), said: “We were there when Saddam invaded Kuwait in 1990. It was the first time he used weapons of mass destruction. He said we will bomb your oil fields. We will shoot your engineers and destroy your infrastructure, destroy your air forces. He said you will be destroyed by nuclear bomb in the Gulf.”

Cameroon’s President Charla Femke said: “A new weapons programme was never announced.”

She added: “The West’s response – that there would be inspections to check any plans or wea바카라사이트pons development – is totally unacceptable, because what we have witnessed in Iraq now is a full-blown war against humanity. No one wants a third world war.”

Boko Haram insurgency

Meanwhile, President Michel Djotodia of the Gambia says Nigeria is “well prepared” for the attacks and says Boko Haram attacks in the past were the work of the US government and the British and French spy agencies.

Mr Djotodia said: “I am well-prepared for a full-scale invasion by Boko Haram and I think that their strategy is to attack Nigeria first.

“We will not let them in, unless the Nigerian people know we will come to their rescue and if this does not happen then they will attack us too.”

The UK is helping 카지노 사이트the African Union prepare for the possible presence of hundreds of British troops in the region, which it fears could lead to an attack on Nigeria’s oil-rich northern states.

G5 foreign ministers will meet at a summit in Ghana on Thursday and Britain, France, Germany, Italy and the US are also helping to train Nigerians to carry out attacks.

The BBC’s Jonathan Head in Niteroi says: “The West has said repeatedly in recent years that it is not taking in those people.

“If it doesn’t want them to make their own decisions, it can’t be expected to do their job. And if it does want to help them, it must show a leadership w바카라사이트hich will ensure that their actions are not seen as a mere formality.”

Nigerian authorities have told the BBC the country was prepared to take in foreign forces.

“We are prepared for the possibility,” said a senior Nigerian national. “Anybody who’s not prepared will have to be taken out of Nigeria. There is also an element of shock among the people, and we’ve done everything we can in our own minds to prepare for it.”