Earthquake in indian ocean felt from broome to perth

Earthquake in indian ocean felt from broome to perth.” The quake was estimated as magnitude 3.9; it came from a fault in the Indian Ocean called the Pan-Indian Fault, which extends southwards across Australia, the eastern and southern parts of the Pacific Ocean, and into New Zealand and southern India. The epicentre was off the coast of India in the state of Tamil Nadu.

“My research suggests that there was a series of similar quakes with such high tremor intensity, with the most intense of which occurred over the last several years around 2013,” said professor Peter Smith. “There are several different types of fault and it is possible that some of them may be fault-clogged,” Smith told The Local.

Smith explained that, although “it is very difficult to say exactly where these earthquakes are coming from because they are so sudden and intense, one likely culprits for the quakes might be some fault-clogging on our side of the fault. This was the primary cause of India’s 2011 earthquake, for example.”

Smith said that since 2005, there have been at least 40 earthquakes of magnitude 8.0 or greater in Australia and India that resulted in serious injuries and property damage across many towns and regions across the state. A similar number of earthquakes of magnitude 6.0 or larger occur in Indonesia, while there have also been dozens of such quakes in China, Australia and Canada. These earthquakes have caused widespread destruction in many Australian towns and cities and were accompanied by large plumes of thick, black smoke that left a long, sticky trail.

According to Professor Robert Watson of Curtin University, who published a study examining the magnitude of quakes and fault-cl바카라사이트ogging in recent years, “There are several types of fault.” He explained that different regions across the country’s landsca바카라사이트pe, such as inland areas such as coastal New South Wales, have different processes for developing fault systems. “It is generally thought that a larger number of earthquakes would occur in larger faults but that the vast majority occur in less tha더킹카지노n a few earthquakes,” Watson told The Local.

The most powerful quakes of 2011 occurred in the west coast of Victoria, the north shore of the Great Barrier Reef, eastern South Australia, the north coast of NSW, and the southern tip of Western Australia, according to the paper published in Science Advances. The study was based on a database of 7.3-magnitude earthquakes that took place in the eastern Australian state of New South Wales between 2000 and 2009.

However, Professor Tim Brown of the Universit