Bridgetown bushfire emergency warning downgraded in south west after lightning strikes

Bridgetown bushfire emergency warning downgraded in south west after lightning strikes

LONG STREET: A lightning strike on New Year’s Eve has knocked down all electric street lights in the CBD.

Police received a number of reports of lightning strikes in central and south east Longreach overnight.

Emergency services had to rush to fix the street lights in Broadmeadows, Beaconsfield, Mount Gambier, Broadmeadows and Ashford in Broadmeadows, at 8.30pm on New Year’s Eve.

media_camera The light poles were downed by lightning in Long Street on New Year’s Eve. Picture: John Wylie.

But it is not yet known if the lights were the target of the strike.

media_camera Emergency crews work at Long Street lights after being knocked down by lightning on New Year’s Eve. Picture: John Wylie.

Police said they believed a lightning strike might have occurred on Thursday morning when a lightn성남출장샵ing strike hit a power pole on Broadmeadows street.

On New Year’s Eve, they said the lights at Broadmeadows and Mount Gambier were knocked out but would be back to full power by 5.30pm on Saturday morning.

Mr Wylie said the lights were not in danger of going out at all on Saturday morning but the police, Fire Services and local emergency services had had to “wait and see”.

“A lot of people think that’s because of the weather and because it’s New Year’s Eve but there are no forecasts of the weather and if there is no forecast then we won’t know it’s out for실시간카지노 the night,” he said.

“It’s not like lightning doesn’t come up and rain all night so it’s not that. It could happen.”

He said if any street lights were damaged by the lightning on Thursday night the streets would be cleaned up and people would find that the lights had gone out anyway.

“I wouldn’t put any hope in it because it’s not out and I don’t like talking to people,” he said.

media_camera An officer with the police Emergency Service looks on as str카지노 게임eet lights are downed during a lightning strike in Long Street. Picture: John Wylie.

A spokeswoman for the Power Council said power was restored on Long Street on Saturday evening.

“Power is still available on the roads within the city, as usual,” she said.