5b panama canal expansion project begins

5b panama canal expansion project begins

As the expansion of Panama’s canal system begins, new construction starts on the first new stretch of canal in 45 years, the Panamanian government announced on Tuesday.

After the Panama Canal Expansion Project began in 2012, over 3,000 kilometers of new canal and channel have been built to increase the Panama’s access to South America and reduce traffic bottlenecks along the 2,900-kilometer-long Panama Canal.

The massive Panama Canal project would bring 3.5 billion cubic meters of water from South America to Europe via the Panama Canal to Brazil, which is one of the biggest international water supply corridors, and also contribute to Brazil’s development.

“In addition to the canal expansion, we are also launching a second new tunnel into the waters of the Indian Ocean. This second tunnel would bring 890 meters of fresh water from the sea under the Bay of Bengal to Brazil,” said Elisabeth Aguilar, Vice President and Secretary for Energy and Mines of the Panamanian government.

“The water coming from the second tunnel will not only help Brazil to become competitive in this strategic waterway, but also contribute to its economic development and als포항안마o help our economy.”

The new projects include the widening of the Panama Canal to 890 kilometers (540 miles) in length, the creation of a 7,000 square kilometer project under the port city of Panama, and the construction of a new channel to reduce the amount of바카라 게임 land needed for the existing Panama Canal.

As part of the Panama Canal expansion, a new 9.5 kilometer section has been closed, but it is expected to be completed soon after it is completed and the project’s construction ends in 2015.

The new section will cover 917.5 meters in length with a width of 1,928 meters and take the volume of the new Panama Canal to more than 50 billion cubic meters.

Currently, the Panama Canal is the largest waterway in the world, covering 2.26 square kilometers along with an additional 871.7 meter section.

This newly widened section will serve as a transit point for the new channel and will also help meet Brazil’s increased water needs through its increased use of freshwater.

Brazil is the seventh country to invest in the Panama Canal Expansion Proj에볼루션 카지노ect, joining China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, and the US.