Federal mp assures residents about waste dump proposal in centr ward

Federal mp assures residents about waste dump proposal in centr ward

Toronto Star

November 17, 2007

As the federal government is considering a possible waste dump project at Scarborough’s East Liberty Community School, parents are asking the city’s school board to stop it.

More than 100 parents attended a news conference to protest the project, dubbed the City of Scarborough Waste Pumps.

Toronto School Board officials released a statement Friday saying they believe it is in the best interest of students at the school to take part in community planning and environmental reviews of the site.

The school board has heard from parents who are concerned about the waste dump and wants them to talk to them before the province offers its formal, formal endorsement.

“We believe there are certain areas of Scarborough where we feel the opportunity for this project is best,” said board chair Cathy de Lacy.

Councillor Rick Nicholls has repeatedly warned parents not to support the waste dump.

“The public should be well aware that the public consultation is going to take place as a way of gathering information and understanding what needs to be done in terms of what’s in the best interest of each person in the neighbourhood,” said Nicholls.

He also said parents are allowed to give their view to the board, but that isn’t happening now.

“I think the most important thing is for them to come to terms and hear what the board is proposing.”

The project would involve the demolition of about 200 storage containers that the council says are too dangerous to move around the school grounds.

Officials모바일 카지노 will spend several months conducting an environmental assessment that will determine whether the plan will pose a risk to the environment.

“We have a lot of information to make an informed decision,” said Councillor Rick Nicholls, chair of the Scarborough Community Action Coalition.

For parents who oppose the plan, Nicholls says a lot of people don’t understand what the project would mean.

“That’s 안산출장마사지part of what I try and do — I try and help put parents in a position to have their opinions voiced on these issues, rather than not having it heard by people,” said Nicholls.

It’s an issue that’s been debated before in the Scarborough community — from a proposed waste dump for a school cafeteria to a planned wastewater plant. A 2013 report by council asked the province for an opportunity to weigh in be제천출장마사지fore any large-scale waste dump is considered.

There was no mention of the waste dump in that report.

Nicholls said h