Shoppers flee from fire at La Brea Tar Pits

Shoppers flee from fire at La Brea Tar Pits

A fire that broke out late Thursday afternoon caused extensive smoke damage at a popular shopping area, and smoke filled dozens of cars at the famed La Bre더킹카지노a Tar Pits in the Santa Monica Mountains.

The blaze broke out about 8:4카지노 사이트0 p.m. at the Tar Pit, about a mile northwest of the Pacific Boulevard stop-and-go intersection, said the Los Angeles Fire Department, which responded to the fire.

It forced many of the parking lot’s tenants — including some high-end retailers — to close. Many customers left the scene quickly, but one woman in her 90s said she came back at about 3:30 p.m. after seeing all the smoke.

“We were all pretty scared,” she said. “I think there’s probably 10 of us sitting there, all the smoke in the air and I just ran out.”

One of the residents said she was just in time to watch a huge fire break out behind the store in an adjacent parking lot.

“I was at work so I was sitting on the other side and I just saw the big smoke, like, ‘Oh, my God,'” the woman said.

LAPD, fire crews and Santa Monica Fire Department were responding to the incident. One employee was taken to a hospital and two were taken to San Diego General, Fire and Health Department officials said.

No one was in custody in connection with the fire.

La Brea is famous for its high-end retail, including a huge shopping complex called One Tower — called La Brea Square — that opened in 2003. It’s a short drive away from the Santa Monica Mountains’ major airport.

No damage was reported at the Tar Pit in an e-mailed statement, but there’s been damage in an adjacent parking lot at nearby One Square, where several people were evacuated from a parking lot near another Tar Pit business that was forced to close early Thursday aftern카지노 사이트oon. Fire officials said the buildings suffered moderate smoke and smoke damage.