Local market close

Local market close. The market at the intersection of Eutaw and High St, next to a church, is packed to the floor and it’s almost a half hour to the parkade entrance to the city limits.

Forklift cars are available from 4am – 1pm daily.


Parking is available at several locations, but be warned that parking along the riverfront area of the park is very difficult for some cars due to traffic, so be sure to park near the water for security reasons if you’re on the riverfront.

Free shuttle buses are available at the parkade entrance and can pick up visitors on the water, although they can usually not be used until the parkade is fully accessible.

There are 카지노 사이트also streetcar카지노 사이트s which depart once daily from the parkade.

The City has a number of free public parkade-accessing services such as:

Bicycling (free)

Biking (half price)

Hiking/trail running (free)

Foggers (no charge)

Picnic facilities (no charge)

Parking on the Riverfront is free and you can park along the edge of the river or walk away from it.

Trolley lines operate from the parkade to various locations:

Park-Aide Centre – the closest Trolley line can be found to the parkade.

Elders Hall – a bus카지노 사이트 ticket office near Elders Hall

Riverfront Centre – The parkade entrance to the river, or by the parking lot.

Frog Lake – is within walking distance of Elders Hall

Cedarville Community Centre – is near the parkade entrance.

Cliff Rd & Spring Dr – also nearby, the Cedarville Community Centre is only just visible from the parkade from the concrete embankment.

For any information about these and other parking facilities please call us on 03 998 1444

More info: www.castleandparish.gov.au

Rabbit Park

Elders Hall (North) – 866/661-0828

Elders Hall (South) – 946/659-4488

Cedarville Community Centre – 945/658-9383

Frog Lake (North) – 947/662-8848

Rabbit Park (South) – 946/659-4488

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