Police probe suspected arson attack on mid west school, fire says

Police probe suspected arson attack on mid west school, fire says

The Chicago Fire Department’s investigation into the Aug. 25 explosion is in its early stages.

“We’re going to be going to those areas that would most likely have been burned, including those that may have been burned by someone else. But that’s not necessarily a sure thing,” Fire Department Capt. Chris Schaeffer said Thursday.

“We’re going to explore to see if there might be some damage or damage done to that equipment, what damage might have been inflicted. We are aware that one fire and fire suppression equipment was damaged by fire and the other did not have any injury,” he said.

But firefighters aren’t sure, Schaeffer said, whether the explosions are the work of someone with a criminal intent or not. The investigation is not looking into a crime.

“I believe, however, that they’re arson. We don’t yet have enough information to say as a matter of fact, as I said, that those explosions were an act of intent, but at the s로투스 홀짝ame time, we’re going to be looking at it and trying to figure out where and what they were in order to identify, as it were, the suspect that might have committed them,” Schaeffer said.

Investigators are expected to look at the time and place of the explosion, Schaeffer said.

As the investigation moves forward, firefighters remain confident they will find the person responsible for the blasts.

“I have a huge amount of confidence in the investigation so far and all of our department officers and investigators have. We have great support from the community. We’ve seen great support,” Fire Commissioner Richard Isaac said Thursday.

The discovery of more than $600,000 in loot came Thursday night and continues to add to the damage of an area burned to the ground by the July 20 explosion at Hyde Park Middle School.

On Friday, the city set up a mobile home park to tak예스 카지노e care of the damage caused by the fire, which is expected to be cleaned up and rebuilt to t부산 출장 안마he same standards as a normal school day.

“We do a pretty thorough job and we did it because of the tremendous impact and loss, and in some cases the total loss, of the community that we know and love and that our children attend schools just to play basketball and football and school dance and sing their high school and college songs and take their kids to the movies,” Isaac said.

“We’re all in a different place now,” Scha